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In composites and ballistics, it's always the weakest link that fails.Reinforcements need to be aligned with the axis of stress and all materials used must be compatible with each other. 

Likewise in business, a highly viable product needs to be developed and manufactured efficiently by using competitive, quality materials. Sales and marketing efforts need to be effective and payments collected whilst having enough working capital to succeed. GSC is happy to work on any specific aspect or combination of these critical links in the chain.

This can be through in-house expertise or assembling a team of internal and external resources.   

Whatever the challenges you face, there is a solution.

We offer consulting for:

  • Product representation
  • Technical or product developments
  • Global sourcing
  • Import / Export developments or training
  • In / Out sourcing
  • Export insurance, documentary credit
  • Product launch and marketing
  • Access to new markets
  • Trade show representation
  • Resin formulations, custom fabrics, new materials.
  • Working capital
  • Complex supply-chain management
  • Procurement of materials experiencing shortages or allocation
  • Specializing in fibers: glass, carbon, aramid, natural, basalt, boron etc...
  • Resins: UPR, VE, Epoxy, additives, polyisocyanate, formulations, etc...
  • Process': Infusion, RTP, Filament Winding, etc...
  • Fabrics: woven, multi-axial, braided, 3D, hybrid, non-woven, etc...

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